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A Productive Home Office…The New Normal?

2020. A year to forget, or in fact a year to remember? At this point, it is unclear if people are fully sure yet…

It is quite an understatement to say that the unpredictable, challenging and turbulent year of 2020 has transformed and redefined life for people across all corners the globe. The pandemic has had both detrimental, catastrophic effects on our civilization and way of everyday life; pulling the world apart physically, yet simultaneously, in some sense, this year, has more than ever before brought many, many more people together. If not physically, but metaphorically and spiritually. This year, many of us have rekindled, and rediscovered what it means to be human, the true meaning of freedom, and not to take anything in life for granted, and focused back on the small things in life, that are often overlooked by the bigger picture, under ‘normal’ circumstances. This year has united people in many ways, with people from all walks of life joining together and sharing and learning how to move forward and tackle this new way of life altogether; so, we can finally get settled in our new normal.



Chairs, desk, room clutter, organizers



Ambience, mood, lighting, smells & noise



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One of the main things this year that has changed, due to the pandemic, and that has united people far and wide, is our ability to work, our ability to physically go into work, and how our jobs or work spaces now operate on a daily basis, in order to both keep powering ahead and also ensuring the safety of the company body. While many people have been very lucky to keep their jobs or line of work, during lockdown and the pandemic, many people, unfortunately, have had their whole work life and career in some cases turned upside down. For the individual’s working, whether that be full time, freelance or part time, working from home, and setting up a home office or work space, has been the outlook and reality for many, and this is likely to carry on, to ensure the two points above; continued productivity and output for the company, and staff safety.

Although people are still working on site in physical establishments, for the many people who are working from home, or have chosen to continue working from home, this undoubtedly, has had an effect on many things. While there are in some cases, possibly some downsides to working from home; lack of socialization, isolation, loneliness, or an unsuitable home environment for working or carrying out a specific job, there are also many positive aspects to setting up a home office or work space, and carrying on with your job remotely. These can include; more time spent with family, cutting out travel times, saving money from travelling, a better work life balance, in some cases setting your own more flexible working hours, and being in a comfortable space you know, trust and feel safe in.

This is also not to mention the fact, that in our digital age, working from home is easier than ever before, as people have access to their full workspace instantly, access to the rest of the team or clients via phone calls or video meetings, the opportunity to make new connections digitally, and the opportunity for new challenges to be taken on, as by taking on new opportunities and tasks digitally, in ways which people perhaps wouldn’t have thought of or have had access to previously, this turn, this could result in more skill building, higher productivity, and a much more contemporary level of working, mirroring the times in which we live in at the present.

For those working from home though, creating and settling into a physical working environment, that is safe, suitable for the job type, comfortable and ergonomically practical, can have profound effects on productivity, time keeping, and ease of working, as well as the mental health of the individual, and their confidence in themselves to successfully push forward with their job and career from home. To further this, it has been proven that having a well-organized, and well-designed office space or area can in fact, improve productivity by 20%.

So, how do you then create this perfect working environment? You may be wondering where to start, or what to do.

Well, not to worry. We’ve comprised a checklist, of sorts, of tangible, concrete and holistic factors to consider and take into account when setting up a home office or work space, and processing to work from home. Read on to discover the five factors essential for productive home office designing and working.


  1. Objects (chairs, desk, room clutter, organizers)
  2. Atmosphere, ambience and mood (lighting, smells, noise)
  3. Taking breaks (stepping away from the screen, digital detox, fresh air, taking breaks,)
  4. Diet and hydration
  5. Socialization (making time from work to spend time with friends and family)

1.) Physical Objects

When setting up a home office, or creating a suitable space to work from home, it is highly important to have the right type of desk setup, that is big enough and holds enough storage for your line of work, and along with this, it is necessary to invest in a suitable desk chair, if you haven’t already. When the correct type of desk and chairs are set up, this avoids uncomfortable seating positions, having to readjust and stretch, and leg, foot or arm cramps, if the correct sitting posture is adopted too. Moving further down the lie, this comfortable set up will also help to avoid back pain and problems, and help with overall posture. Ultimately, the less adjustment of yourself, or chair that happens, the more productive and eager to work, you are likely to be. Adding to this, sitting at the correct distance from your screen will help too, as this can prevent eye straining.

2.) Atmosphere and Ambience

The type of natural or self-created atmosphere and ambience found in your home office or working space, can have a profound effect on working at home, both in a mental and physical sense. When it comes to lighting, one of the most important factors surrounding working from home, this can in fact change a whole person’s mood, or workspace environment. It is recommended to, if you can, work in a light and if possible airy room, which allows natural light and potential fresh air from an open window, and to avoid working in darker spaces which have bad lighting. Whereas light spaces are proven to influence people’s mood positively, resulting in more productive working, bad lighting or dark spaces can influence negatively, resulting in eye straining, headaches and irritability.

Room temperature helps productivity too, as although warmer rooms are nicer to work in, sometimes overly warm rooms and spaces that are too hot can again lead to headaches and fatigue. However, rooms too cold can also lead to obvious discomfort. It’s all about finding the right balance just right for the individual. Again, smells also affect a mood, and while stronger, more stimulating smells can boost energy, calming and subtle scents can also create an atmosphere of calm.

3.) Taking Breaks

While it is highly important to get deeply stuck into your work, and push on forwards in your tasks, online networking and career, it is also essential to allow breaks, and a digital detox time away from the screen and away from work. Perhaps to tackle this, allocate specific break times during the day, and a lunch time, as you maybe would in a communal, physical work space, and also factor into your day and timetable still, family time, and personal time for friends and hobbies. Going without breaks can become overwhelming and both physically and mentally draining, so this is something to bear in mind.

4.) Diet and Hydration

As a follow on to the previous point, continuing to follow a balanced diet and structured meal time, while working from home is also essential. When working home it may be a temptation to just carry on working through meal times, as if you are in your house, one may find it easier to just stay at the screen and carry on working, as they don’t have to travel for lunch or even move to a new room to grab lunch. However, try to follow a balanced diet still, at designated meal times and a space away from your screen, and keep hydrated also.

5.) Socialization

Many people can find working from home lonely and maybe isolating, so it is important to make time for socializing with friends and family, either online or outdoors away from work, keeping safe and following up to date government guidelines.

We hope this little guide and advice output helped, and that you go on to have many happy, productive days, working from home. We wish you all the best, stay safe and well.

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