The Top 10 Ways You Can Maximise Productivity Levels Working From Home

Simply put, working from home has never been easier. You have more flexibility to choose your hours or be at home for the important things such as a parcel delivery or if your child is sent home from school due to illness. However, some people worry that it can negatively effect their output efficiency when it comes to work ethic. As an expert in all areas of working from home, we are here to advise you and keep you motivated.

From the rapidly increasing advancements in technology to the ‘new norm’ of social distancing, working remotely has become a requirement for many companies. Therefore, most businesses will have a plan of action to enable their employees to access the same resources from home as you would in the office. All you need now is the motivation to get the job done in the comfort of your own home, without getting too laidback. Here are the top 10 tips to we would recommend based on our valuable research:

1. Brew Up

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee (whatever your go-to drink is to perk you up in the morning) before you even sit down at your desk. Get into the habit of doing this every morning before starting work so you kick start your day with something you look forward to.

2. Comfort

Ensure that you are working from a desk space with a comfortable chair. Office environments have to supply this as part of the health and safety act. So why not apply the same rule at home. A comfortable chair can go a long way, especially if you are sitting in it for over 5 hours. To prevent injury, it must have neck, back and arm support.

3. Design Mode

Its your office space, so make it yours! Working from home gives you the flexibility to get creative with your work space and keep it as clean and tidy as you want. Do inspirational quotes keep your motivated? Or do you prefer a room full of plants? A tidy desk is a clear mind after all. And if you don’t have an office room, make sure to at least dedicate a quiet area to your work so you can keep your mindset and work appliances separate from where you tend to relax.

4. Break Time

It is usually advised that for every hour you work, you should take at a five minute break to get up and walk around or make a drink/snack. This tactic is designed to split up your day. As a rule of thumb, this will keep you moving and give you and hourly target to work towards. Rather than clock watching for your lunch break or finish time, you will be able to work in a streamlined way until you next hourly alarm.

5. Natural Light

You wouldn’t work in an office with no windows. So don’t make your home working environment like a jail cell. Base yourself near a natural light source. Open those curtains or blinds every morning and only close them if you need some shade or an hour of pure concentration. Sit near a window and allow yourself to look out every now and then so you don’t feel like you are chained to your desk. The more positive your mindset, the better you work.

6. Fresh Air

Even if it’s just for an hour. Open your window and let some fresh air in. You don’t want to feel like you are inside the same four walls all day. Or perhaps even take a walk during your lunch break. You know the area you live in after all. Without fresh air, you will find yourself yawning and losing your train of thought a lot more than you would realise.

7. Dress for the Day

Whether you are joining a Microsoft Team Meeting or pitching to a client over Zoom, they will only be able to see the top half of you. You can remain comfortable in your weekend jeans or your smart shorts to remain cool in the hot summer days, as long as you wear something appropriate on your top half. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to slip into a routine where you wear sweatpants at your desk or sit with your laptop in bed with your pyjamas still on. Otherwise, you will work as lazily as you are dressed. Have a shower and freshen up for the day ahead! The comfort can still remain.

8. Stay Connected 

Just because you cannot physically interact with your colleagues, it doesn’t mean you cannot keep each other motivated. It has never been easier to drop your co-worker or manager an instant message via Skype. You can even have a weekly coffee get together scheduled in to your calendars over video call. This way you can catch up about the working week and talk openly with each other about the challenges you have faced or the successes you have achieved. Even better, some companies have recently started running Friday night gatherings over Microsoft Teams at 5pm. This is usually where you bring an alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage to your desk to enjoy and take the time to chat with your colleagues in a relaxed manner. You could even host a quiz night! There are no limits with technology these days to keep people connected.

9. Set Daily Targets

Give yourself a guideline each day of how much work you would ideally like to get done. For example, write down five bullet points on a piece of paper each day of your daily goals or even create a spreadsheet if you want to get creative with it. You’ll feel like your own boss. These milestones can be big or small, just make sure they are realistic and achievable. From catching up on all of your emails on a Monday to completing a stressful deadline, you will feel a sense of achievement being able to tick it off your list each day.

10. Set Boundaries

If you have family or children at home, make sure to keep your work and personal life separate. It is important that your family or room mates understand that when you are at your desk, you are not to be disturbed or distracted unless necessary. Keep the door closed or explain the situation before you start. You don’t want your three year old walking in in the middle of a call to your boss or client!

These tips may seem simple, but they have been proven to be effective across multiple firms which have chosen to locate their employees from home. After all, working from home has become our ‘new norm’ in the world of business.