Best 17 Flexible Job Roles You Can Do ,Working at Home Today.    

Saying goodbye to your 9-5 has never been a more realistic idea. In a world where everything is gradually turning digital, why not take that leap of faith and take back control of your working life. There are a number of flexible, working from home jobs for you to focus your attention on and make a living. Have a look through our top 17 job opportunities below to get involved with right now!

Here are our Top Sectors and Job Related Ideas:

remote ideas and roles

1. Owning A Blog.

If writing is something you’re passionate about, starting a blog is a great go-to when wanting to work from home. There are various ways you can make money through your own blog, but it’s safe to say there is a lot of money to be made when done right. But don’t think that this is an easy route, owning a blog takes a lot of work and a lot of patience.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Are you always recommending new and exciting things you’ve used or places you’ve been, to family and friends? Affiliate marketing sounds like it could be for you… the best part is, you get paid to recommend these products, services and destinations!  The backbone of affiliate marketing is earning a commission for these ‘referrals’ through unique links online. So, what you are waiting for, social butterfly! 

3. Freelance Writing.

If starting and owning your own blog is biting off a little more than you can chew, but you do enjoy writing, you could always consider writing content on a freelance basis. Writers are always in high demand, but particularly in our technology first society nowadays, writers with that extra flare and personal touch are hard to come by. Businesses of all sectors and sizes need writers for not only blog style content, but webpage content and even perhaps social media content also. Freeland writing is extremely well paid where the quality of work is high.

4. Social Media Manager.

Managing social media profiles includes, posting, responding to queries, messages and comments, and is more strategic than it sounds… But with a little training, managing social media channels is a great way to work from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a job that brings new challenges every day. If you’re looking for something more mentally stimulating, social media managing could be for you.

5. Graphic Design.

Bottom line: every company needs a graphic designer! This is a role that will never not be in demand, however there is a certain passion and skill needed for this job. Experience in Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop) is often a non-negotiable requirement, but nevertheless not a skill that can’t be self-taught for those who have an innate eye for design. Often in this line of work, you are able to pick up as much or as little content as you want! Win win!

How to get started?

We recommend taking a course to learn Photoshop and web design as a starting point. Secondly creating a (small to begin with) portfolio of some of your work and types of work you can create. Then use websites like UpWork or Fiverr, to begin your journey as a graphic designer. Also, another useful tool is using your social media platforms to promote your new skills, in an attempt to showcase your new services and of course your work.     

6. Bookkeeper.

Have you always been naturally gifted at maths rather than English? Have an eye for numbers rather than letters? This one could be for you. A Bookkeeper is someone who records financial transactions.

Despite have this flare,

This is a role where no previous experience is often accepted! You could be set up in a matter of days… A professional qualification is often advantageous, but let’s face it, which roles wouldn’t be advantageous if the person doing them has some sort of degree! Bookkeeping is a job that can be done on a freelance basis or remotely for part of a longer-term contract with a company.

Our advice for those interested in bookkeeping,

As a first step would be to familiarise yourself with Quickbooks software, this is a great starting point. Secondly, to take a short course in the subject. This is beneficial two-fold as not only will you gain relevant skills and provide some experience to a potential employer, you can also determine whether this role is for you, before committing to a contract!     

7. Teach or Tutor.

Thanks to our technology-lead society, online teaching is become more and more common every day! This is a speedy and engaging way to make money quickly, particularly if you have qualification or experience in a particular academic area. 

Before you get started, it is important to note, previous teaching experience or a teaching qualification, such as a TEFL is necessary for this role. However, qualifications like a TEFL (depending on your preferred subject area) can be obtained relatively quickly and easily, even for the layperson. Tutoring is an extremely lucrative income as opposed to teaching in a school. Tutors often command pay upward of £30p/h dependant on qualifications. 

8. Transcriptionist.

This job sounds more technical than it is. In short, you would be presented with audio files and asked to ‘write down what you hear’ as fast and as accurately as possible. A typical transcriptionist would be able to type upwards of 75 words per minute, with additional attention to detail to mistakes, grammar and punctuation. Transcriptionist are particularly sort after if they are bilingual, so if you can speak another language, even better!

If you don’t have any experience in this area, which you wouldn’t imaging most people to have (aside from that of an occasional angry paragraph on Facebook), some websites will pay a slightly lower rate, to gain that invaluable experience. When more experienced, pay in this area will rise, and the faster you can type, the more you will earn!

9. Customer Service.

Hiring customer service reps remotely is a growing trend. A role which typically focuses on providing information on a specific product or service, a customer service rep is required to be up to date on a complete A-Z of the company they desire to work for. The more you know, the more chance you have of being hired, because let’s face it, why wouldn’t a company want they’re reps to be well informed and love the brand they’re working for.                    

Previous experience is preferential, but this can even include working in a shop or a bar, perhaps when you were younger, if it’s customer experience, it counts! Larger companies often pay more p/h than smaller companies as it’s a larger brand to endorse. 

A good place to start is checking out companies that have a remote customer service scheme, to see their specific entry requirements. When choosing a small selection of companies to find out more about their remote customer service roles, be sure to look at what the company stands for and the types of products/services it sells to see if this is a product/service you believe in, this will make the actual role easier if you can genuinely get behind the company. 

10. Virtual Assistant.  

This job includes a plethora of virtual tasks in which a business may not have the staff for. A stream of crucial task that a business does not have the workforce to pick up. The tasks, often marketing and administration based, include but are not limited to social media management, graphic design, researching, copywriting or data entry. The main skill required in this role is organisation and the will to get the job done. 

To get started as a virtual assistant it is handy to take a short course, guiding you in not only the skills this role requires but how to carry out this job remotely and make a profitable income from it. If you have some previous experience it may be worth jumping back in and using some research and guidance on the side to make sure you’re on the right track.

11. Search Engine/Social Media Evaluator.

Any guesses on what this role does? Anyone? Let me provide a little insight. This job involves ‘rating’ social media ads and search engine results for relevancy. A massive benefit of this role is there is virtually no training required! Massive perk, right? You also make your own schedule and it doesn’t require you to be on the phone!

However, due to the flexibility and ease of this line of work, roles can be few and far between. It may be worth getting some lower paid experience before progressing onto a more permanent higher paid role to prove your worth.

12. In-home Childcare ( Online )

Perhaps you have children of your own that you already look after on a daily basis, what’s a couple of more children to care for to add to the chaos? If you have a way with caring for children and positively developing a young life, this is a fantastic opportunity, which is carried own from the comfort of your own home!

A good place to begin is using your social media channels as a platform for business’ as there will be no commissions to third party sites. And it’s likely you know of the people you’re already connected with across social media even if not directly. Be sure to make an advert which clearly explains how many children you will accept at once and how much you’re charging. This method is often cheaper for parents giving it the edge over typical day care centres.

Please note: you must obtain insurance for this role as well as understanding the government guidelines on how many children you’re allowed to care for at once and health and safety training that must be completed.

13. Photography.

Are you’re that family member of friend always capturing those special moments at every event, whether it’s big or small? You could be earning a decent income from this skill! Photography is not only a hobby but a job for many, so why not make a bit of money on the side, remotely, with this opportunity? A key component to getting into this sector is not experience but is quality of equipment, an investment in a decent camera and lens will make all the difference. 

To have a go and see if this is something you would enjoy doing as a job, take photos of anything and everything. You heard me… that flower in the park you spotted yesterday? Snap it. That cool building you always walk past on your way to work? Snap it. Even abstract photos of that awesome sunset everyone seems to be uploading to Instagram! Practice makes perfect in this game. 

Once you are slightly more established an online portfolio is the next step, so people can view your work in one place. From this there are a number of ways to make money… all from the comfort of your own home. These include: selling photos from your portfolio directly; contact estate agents for freelance work; list your work on stock photography sites such as Shutterstock or you can offer free photography for events e.g. birthdays or weddings, if you exceed their expectations often these turn into paid jobs.

14. Online Moderators.

As previously mentioned, in a technology first society, many jobs which once wouldn’t have even of been considered are now in high demand. Businesses that are growing exponentially will always need additional moderators to check over social media pages, blogs and forums to ensure comments and queries are being dealt with and dispute aren’t left to spin out of control.     

The best way to begin in this sector is starting moderating for companies which don’t require previous experience (often paid at minimum wage) to gain further experience which can price you competitively. Community managers and moderators (often across social media) often qualify for this role quicker when highly active across all social media platforms. 

A massive benefit of this job is that it is a decently source of reliable income that works on a flexible basis, all from the comfort of your sofa!

15. Selling on Amazon. (FBA Program).

Like shopping? Always after that envious bargain? Amazon’s FBA program sounds like it could be for you! Using amazons selling platform means you find products being sold cheaply and re-sell them on Amazon for a similarly competitive price, with a mark-up for your personal profit. Or, on the other hand, you can use Amazon’s drop shipping service, whereby you never even need to physically see and hold your stock! Fascinating right!

Taking a short course on ‘How to start on Amazon FBA store’ will go into more detail on the plethora of options in this sector. It would be an understatement to say when this business opportunity is done right it is an extremely lucrative residual income opportunity. A key skill needed to get you on your way is a business mind-set. But hey, anyone can do this, so what are you waiting for?

16. Sell on Etsy.

Selling on a platform like Etsy is similar to selling on eBay, but with the addition of a creative product rather than a standard one. If you have that innate creative flare, Etsy is a fantastic platform to help get your product out there. Even if you don’t know what to sell just yet, take a look around Etsy’s marketplace for some ideas, I’m sure there will be something that sparks that initial idea! 

17. Independent Travel Agent.

Are you an avid traveller? If you had extra disposable income would you spend it all on trips away? Well now you can! As an independent travel agent, you have the luxury of talking about and selling what you love, whilst working from home.  

In this line of work, often individuals chose to work through and on behalf of an agency. This makes factors such as insurance and complaints easier as you would have an established company behind you. Being an independent travel agent works by selling a holiday, flight or hotel to your client at a cheaper price than they could book it for themselves whilst you take all the commission! This is a great opportunity for those who already have a passion for travel and a desire to start their own business.

Summary For Remote Working Roles at home

From photography to in-home childcare, there really is a world of options allowing you to work from home. Researching into each of the opportunities that stand out to you would be a great step forward into your flexible working lifestyle. And there we go… 17 realistic job opportunities allowing you step after from your 9-5, pursue your passion and control your own life!