Working at Home Our Top 6 Tips  

Social distancing guidance as set out by Public Health England encourages us to work from home where possible in order to stay safe and to protect the NHS. Therefore, if you are in an office or desk-based job, then you may have found yourself working from home for the foreseeable future because of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

But how can we maintain a positive mindset and stay productive? For some of us, working from home might be a regular part of our week but for others, it is a completely new way of working which can take a lot of getting used too. Either way, it is important that we maintain our focus whilst we adjust to a completely different working environment.

Aside from the current situation, it cannot be denied that there has been a movement in recent years to a more agile approach to work with many companies providing a better work-life balance for their employees, especially those with family commitments, through flexible working hours and working from home options.

Many HR professionals have found that, under certain circumstances, employees can be more efficient at home rather than in a typical office environment. This is facilitated by technology such as video conferencing tools like Zoom and even certain mobile apps like House party which is being used more and more to keep in touch with those working remotely especially by creative industries.

Here is our advice for being productive when you are working remotely:

Take Part In Daily Team Meetings

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you stay in touch with team members when working from home. Keeping regular contact with your colleagues will ensure that you stay focused on your tasks and don’t lose sight of priorities.

Set a time that works for everyone to have a regular team meeting ideally in the morning and right at the start of the working day to discuss the day ahead. Be sure you have your chosen software installed, set up correctly and do a microphone and connectivity test ahead of time to avoid technical issues and to be ready to go.

We’d also recommend having a designated person on the call to manage the meeting agenda with key discussion points to hand.

Create A Designated Office Workspace

Remember that despite not being in the office you are still working so it is important to maintain a professional workspace that will enable you to be as productive as possible. Your workspace should be comfortable enough for you to sit for a prolonged period of time, in an area free from distractions with a laptop or home computer, a mobile phone and a good internet connection.

Stick To Normal Working Hours

If you are contracted to a specific number of hours per week and have set daily hours, then you should aim to still work to your normal 9am to 5pm in order to maintain a sense of routine. Not only this, if you enjoy working from home and would like to continue to work remotely on occasion when lockdown is over then your line manager should be able to feel confident that you are being productive.

Take Regular Breaks

You should still take regular breaks just as you would in an office environment. A desk-based job which requires sitting down for eight hours or longer can promote a sedentary lifestyle which comes with a number of risks to your health and wellness. Try to get your steps in and keep as active as possible by taking breaks, drinking plenty of water and by remembering to take your lunch hour to go for a stroll, brisk walk or jog during the working day.

Maintain A Positive Mindset

It is important to remember that you are still at work. Keep a positive attitude to work and maintain a positive and professional mindset. As an example, working intensely on a single task in shorter 50-minute intervals with a 10-minute break is proven to help you to stay focused throughout the day.

Although working from home is certainly a more flexible way of working and can bring about a better sense of work life balance, try to keep on task and avoid doing household chores and other activities unless you are on a break.

Keep Daily Contact

Professionals working remotely may feel a certain loneliness especially if they are on their own throughout the day. Daily team meetings with colleagues working on the same projects can help you stay motivated and maintain your focus on priorities.

We also suggest that regular contact with your line manager is important in order to meet daily objectives. Setting SMART objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-related can help you feel inspired and a sense of achievement. 

We hope our advice helps you create a more productive and enjoyable environment whilst working remotely. When you’re ready to get out there and discuss your new office space then please get in touch. Here at Enterprise Spaces, we have flexible, temporary and co-working spaces across the UK tailored to your individual requirements.

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